From Zero To Launch

A small pause.

Today I hit a wall with writing. It wasn’t writer’s block or anything like that. It simply came down to, I was and am mentally drained today. The day job took a ton of effort today but that is only the secondary reason.

The primary reason was I just wanted to spend time with my daughter. So we sat back and watched some stupid YouTube videos together and laughed until she fell asleep on the couch.

I came upstairs to work on From Zero to Launch – Collaborations (Part 3) and knew I had to stop. I know I could finish that piece tonight but it wouldn’t be quality. Or it would be worse than normal, you be the judge.

There’s no one way to achieve success as an author, but there is at least one common activity that isn’t unique to being an author either. Sometimes you have to know when you just need to take a break.

So I will post part 3 tomorrow.