Free Author Promotions

There are a few free author newsletter promotions that are worth the time to sign up and participate in.

  • Ebookaroo: Ebookaroo is run by Patty Jansen and features Science Fiction & Fantasy books in the following categories:

– 99c books (any 99c books, either perma-99c or on special)
– new releases
– free books if they’re first in series
– books on all retailers, including KU books
– Audio books

You can submit your books here:


  • SFF Book Bonanza: It’s run by Dean F. Wilson and features a multitude of free and paid author promotions. Free promotions include free book and 99c books. The other promotions range from $5 to $25+.

You can check it out here:


  • Art of the Arcane: This promotion requires a newsletter share.

You can check out their free group promotions here: